Banyan Consulting Group is now part of HUB International
Banyan Consulting Group is now part of HUB International
Benefits • Wellness • Peace of Mind
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A different kind of employee benefit company.

Banyan Consulting Group, a division of Hub International was founded on the idea that benefit programs can be easier to administer, make employees healthier, and cost less, too.

Over the last 28 years, our unique service model has changed the way our clients provide benefits to their employees. Our model is designed to produce a happier, more productive workforce, and provide painless plan management for employers.

Crunching numbers can bring lower premiums.

The cost of coverage and care concern both employers and employees. Fortunately for both, we use powerful analytics and evaluation software to track usage and test changes that can drive down cost for companies and their workers alike.

Benefit plans your employees will thank you for.

Companies want employees to be healthy because they care about them. What many don’t realize is that it’s also good for business. With our guidance, many of North Carolina’s most successful companies have implemented wellness programs designed to reduce claims and keep costs below market trend.

We’re bringing service back.

Banyan gives you not just great service but great peace of mind. We advocate for your employees, we train your staff and we handle the picky details of enrollment. Once you get a taste of our expertise and service, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief and turn your attention to the pressing matter of keeping your own business running.