Banyan Consulting Group is now part of HUB International
Banyan Consulting Group is now part of HUB International
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Our Story

Alan Overbey founded Banyan to provide a new kind of service to clients. He felt that existing models were failing and he owed his clients more.

As the new company grew, a team of like-minded professionals put together a new model that uses modern technology to enable old-fashioned, attentive service. A philosophy of serving employees as well as employers became a core principal.

What does Banyan mean?

The Banyan is a type of fig tree. We chose it for our name and logo because the tree has a strong central trunk system and as it grows, it sends its branches down to form new trunks and new roots to support its ever expanding canopy. This attribute of the Banyan tree is a fitting symbol of our cultural affinity for structure. The tree also represents our commitment to continued growth. The trunk symbolizes strength in our core benefit business and the canopy signifies our ever-expanding suite of services—all of them designed to meet the increasing challenges facing our clients today and in the future.