Banyan Consulting Group is now part of HUB International
Banyan Consulting Group is now part of HUB International
Benefits • Wellness • Peace of Mind

Why clients choose us.

If you haven’t worked with us yet, you have probably wondered whatever happened to service. Did people just forget how to provide it? Did it become too costly? No. The problem has been a lack of ideas.

Our innovation has brought service back. When we developed our model, we figured out a way to fix what was wrong with service in our industry.

You never have to call an insurance company. You never have to listen to that terrible hold music.

You will get one of your team members on the phone every time you call. He or she will know everything there is to know about the status of your account.

We have relationships with all major providers. When we design a plan for you, we are choosing from among hundreds of products to meet your specific needs.

You can reduce your healthcare costs with healthier employees. Our wellness programs have helped hundreds of companies spend less, and tens of thousands of people live healthier lives.

Find out how our service has worked for some of our very happy clients.